Tuesday, August 4, 2009

VertiGrow Prototype on it's way to Nairobi (we hope!).

Here are some pictures Ellie sent us of our prototype. We have affectionately named her "VertiGrow" (go figure). At the moment, VertiGrow is stuck somewhere between London and Nairobi and Ellie tells me that the people at Virgin America airlines keep passing her off to other people! It's these sort of issues that you can never, ever predict. Regardless, we have photographic proof that VertiGrow does exist - now "she" just needs to get to Nairobi so that Ellie can introduce her to the community!

Deconstructed VertiGrow. Here you see the pipes cut lengthwise. These will be the troughs that will hold the soil and the plants.
Trough layers 1 and 2. We are looking at stacking the layers like a ladder to maximize the utility of the vertical space for growing plants.

Here you see how Ellie has constructed VertiGrow to stand at a 90 degree angle. This serves several purposes; first of all, VertiGrow can stand on it's own without falling over (as you see illustrated above), secondly, the angle allows VertiGrow to be placed around the corner of a house - using minimal space and not leaning on the housing structure for support - genius!
We've got our fingers crossed that VertiGrow will be making its appearance in Nairobi soon! The clinic and Ellie are waiting!

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