Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Growing Up

This was my first day in Kibera. I met my translator and community partner, Faith, and she showed me the way to Tabitha Health Clinic where I will be doing most of my work.

There is no room for roads on the interior of Kibera, so we made our way by foot, which for me was rather unfortunate given the situation with my lost bags. I was wearing flip flops and a pair of jeans, which are now covered in human excrement, and I sadly don’t have a change of clothes. Good thing I’m not sharing a room with anyone!

Along the way I saw a few homes with sack gardens (pictured above), which is the inspiration from which our project stems. We are trying to develop a more efficient and effective way of gardening in the vertical space that exists within Kibera and other slum settings, given the limited amount of horizontal space!

Tabitha clinic is an absolutely beautiful facility, with a kind and welcoming staff. Tomorrow I will set up VertiGrow (so long as my bags show up!) and have a chance to ask patients about their nutrition, micro-agriculture, and ideas on how to improve our prototype.

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